Auto Wicket Pouches

If your company is built for high-speed automated packaging operations, look no
further than auto wicket pouches.
Since auto wicket pouches are perfect for high-speed packaging, they’re most
preferred in the food industry, fresh produce, and other fast-moving consumer goods.
The automated packaging process with auto wicket pouches allows for increased
productivity, reduced labor costs, and consistent packaging quality, making them a
popular choice for large-scale packaging operations.

Bread Bags

Chicken Bags

Diaper Bags

Sanitary Napkin Pouches

Auto wicket Bags


  • Wicket holes allow the pouches to be stacked on a metal wicket or spindle, which facilitates the automatic filling, sealing, and loading process.
  • Perfect for high-speed automated packaging machines, where efficiency and speed are crucial
  • Versatile pouches: They can be made from various materials, PE, PP, or a combination of laminated films, to suit different product requirements.
  • Auto wicket pouches can be made with clear materials, providing visibility of the product inside and enhancing product presentation.
  • They can be made with zippers or tape closures.


  • Universal auto wicket bag-making machines
  • 8-Colour rotogravure printing machines
  • 3-Layer PE extrusion machines

Production Capacity

  • Auto Wicket Pouches - 1.5 Lakhs+ Pieces/day
    (Zipper, Round, and Square Bottom)

Quality Assurance (PE & PP)

Tested and approved for tensile strength, barrier properties, and seal strength.

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