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Modern Facilities
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Manufacturing facilities that are adaptive to the changing industry
needs and technological advancements are essential to produce
high-quality flexible packaging products.

Our manufacturing facilities are powered by fully-automatic
machinery and equipment that facilitate smoother operation.

This way, we are able to deliver first-class flexible packaging
products, on time, so that you can go the market as planned

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We have the capability to extrude both mono-layer and 3-layer plastic films for pouches. Right now, we’re the only flexible packaging maker to own an exclusive zipper extrusion facility in Tamil Nadu.

1. Mono Layer Film

A cost-effective single-layer film with basic barrier properties and strength.

2. 3-layer Film

The 3-layer film has high tensile strength and its quality is higher than mono-layer film.

We have a wide range of high-quality rotogravure
printing facilities to print packages with various films,
in up to 8 colours.
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We have the technology and equipment for both
solvent-based and solventless flexible packaging
Our comprehensive pouch and bag-making
facility has 25+ machines, capable of end-to-
end customized pouch and bag finishing.
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We have an exclusive package recycling facility to
process used packaging materials. Through proper
recycling measures, we contribute to a circular economy.

Specialists in
Flexible Packaging

Joining the Circular
Economy. Striving for

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