Laminated Pouches

Lamination pouches give you various advantages in packing your products.
They come with multiple layers of materials fused together, which are typically made
of different materials, each chosen for its specific properties and functionalities.
The lamination process creates a strong and durable pouch that makes it suitable for
packaging different products.

Flat Bottom (3D) Pouches

Flat Bottom (3D) Pouches

Paper with Poly flat
bottom pouches

5 Side Seal Pouches

3 Side Seal & Zipper Pouches

Standup Pouches

Standup Pouches

Paper Standup Pouches

Spout Pouches

Recycled Pouches

Mono-Material Pouches

Apparel Bags

Pharmaceutical &
Cosmetic Pouches

FMCG Pouches

Pet Food Pouch

Apparel Bags

Printed Laminated Rolls


  • Excellent Barrier Properties make it suitable for products including food, pharmaceuticals, and industrial goods.
  • Easily customizable to suit specific packaging requirements.
  • The printable layer allows for high-quality printing.
  • Highly versatile: Can be designed as flat pouches, stand-up pouches, zipper pouches, spouted pouches, and more.
  • Lightweight and recyclable.


  • 3-Layer extrusion machines
  • High-quality lamination machines
  • 8-Colour rotogravure printing machines
  • Universal pouch-making machines for flat bottom (3D) pouches

Production Capacity

  • Laminated Pouches - 4 Lakhs+ Pieces/day

Quality Assurance (PE & PP)

Tested and approved for tensile strength, barrier properties, and seal strength.

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