Zippers & Sliders

Zippers and sliders are exciting features of flexible packaging such as bags and pouches.
They allow consumers to conveniently access and reclose the packaging, preserving the
of the contents, and providing added convenience during use.
Both sliders and zippers are widely used in food packaging, pet food packaging,
household products, and other consumer goods where convenient resealing is desirable.




Zipper Spool



  • Zippers offer convenient and easy-to-use resealing capabilities. polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP).
  • They come in various forms to suit different packaging needs and product types.
  • Zippers provide a secure closure that helps prevent spills, leakage, and contamination.
  • They can be integrated into the package design.


  • Sliders create an airtight seal when closed, preserving the freshness and quality of the packaged contents.
  • Also, come with an ergonomic tab that allows users to slide open and close easily.
  • Suitable for products including snacks, pet food, frozen food, and more.
  • Easily customized with different sizes, shapes, and colours.


  • 5 different types of zipper extrusion machines with all types of PE & PP zipper profiles.
  • 8-Colour rotogravure printing machines

Production Capacity

  • Zippers - 1.5 Lakhs+ Meters/day
  • Sliders - 2.0 Lakhs+ Pieces/day

Quality Assurance (PE & PP)

Tested and approved for convenience, air-tight seal, and secure closur

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