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Single Phase Motor


To Power a Variety of Small-Scale Machinery and Appliances

A single-phase electric motor is designed to run on a single-phase power supply. They are widely used in various industrial applications, including small pumps, fans, compressors, and more. Single-phase motors typically range from 0.18 kW (18 watts) to 2.2 kW (2200 watts) in power.

They commonly come in two, four, and six-pole configurations, providing flexibility in matching speed and torque requirements for different machinery and equipment, making them essential for powering a wide array of smaller industrial devices.

Tech Spec Ranges

Power0.25HP to 3HP
Voltage/Frequency230 volts, 50 Hz
Ambient Temp / Temp Rise50 Deg C / 70 Deg C
Speed1500 rpm
No. Of Poles4
Degree of ProtectionIP44
Energy EfficiencyNA
Mounting Type

Flange – B5 LK3014H (view GA diagram) Flange – B5 LK3023 (view GA diagram) Flange – B5 LK3024 (view GA diagram) Flange – B5 LK3278 (view GA diagram) Flange – B5 LK3298 (view GA diagram)

Foot – B3 LK1350 (view GA diagram) Foot – B3 LK1386 (view GA diagram) Foot – B3 LK3007 (view GA diagram) Foot – B3 LK3050 (view GA diagram) Foot – B3 LK3009 (view GA diagram)

Usage / ApplicationIndustrial


TEFC Foot Mount

TEFC Flange Mount

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