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Gear Box – Planetary


Your Partner in Precision: Planetary Gears for Seamless Performance

A planetary geared motor, also known as a planetary gearbox motor, is a compact and efficient power transmission system that combines an electric motor with a planetary gearbox. It is characterized by its unique arrangement of gears, where multiple smaller gears (planet gears) revolve around a central sun gear while being encased by an outer ring gear.

Planetary geared motors are used in a wide range of industrial applications including automation and robotics, conveyor systems, machine tools, material handling, packaging machinery, and more. They come with a power range of up to 250 kW and the gear ratio can go up to 100:1. The output speed ranges from 5 RPM to 3000 RPM.

Tech Spec Ranges

Power 0.25kW to 7.5kW
Voltage/Frequency 415 + or – 10% / 50 + or – 5%
Ambient Temp / Temp Rise 50 Deg C / 70 Deg C
Phase Three Phase
Speed 900, 1400, 2800
No. Of Poles 6, 4, 2
IP Rating IP55 & IP65
Energy Efficiency IE2  IE3
Mounting Type Foot Mounting – B3  Flange Mounting -B5
Usage / Application Industrial


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