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Who Are WeA Hanger Expert You can
Hang Onto.

We’re Navin Hangers, India’s largest hanger manufacturer (by volume). With
an ocean of collections, we are able to meet your unique clothing display needs.

Getting your garments organized and making it easier for your customers to browse and access them in a way that enhances their shopping experience, is our motto.

since 2004

Product CategoriesWelcome to the World
of Hangers

We have the largest collection of hangers in
the country.

SustainabilityHangers Made of 100%
Recycled Materials

We comply with Global Recycle Standards (GRS)
(Version 4.0), meaning our products are made of
100% recycled plastics.

Why Navin Plastics?Our Difference: Variety

Being the producer of the largest collection of hangers in India, we’re a
go-to hanger maker even for the most unconventional and unique
clothing products. With 600+ molds for a wide range of hangers, we
proactively serve the evolving fashion industry.

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Recycled Materials
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