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OverviewNavin Hangers: A Reputable Name in
Garment Display Solutions

When it comes to preserving the shape, structure, and overall appearance of the
clothes, hangers prove invaluable for us. When it comes to choosing the best
hangers around, the top choice would always be Navin Hangers.
With 20+ years of industry expertise, Navin Hangers leads in producing the finest
hanger products for textile clients across the world.
What started as a humble journey in the textile town of Tirupur in 2004 has grown
into a global hanger manufacturer-cum-supplier.
With more than 600 hanger molds, we possess one of the largest repositories for
hangers in the country, serving unique models that you can’t find elsewhere.

SustainabilityHangers Made of 100%
Recycled Materials

We comply with Global Recycle Standards (GRS)
(Version 4.0), meaning our products are made of
100% recycled plastics.

You’ve come to the right place.Looking for the perfect hangers
for your garment display?

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