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Plastics Hangers

Versatile, Reasonable, and

Plastic hangers are a practical choice for organizing and displaying
your clothing products. They are lightweight, versatile, and can be
easily customized as per your brand theme.
All our plastic hangers are made of 100% recycled materials, in
conformity with Global Recycle Standards (GRS).

Product Ranges

150+ ModelsTop Hangers(Plastic Hook)

For shirts, blouses, jackets,
coats, and more.

150+ ModelsTop Hangers (Metal Hook)

For shirts, blouses, jackets,
coats, and more.

150+ ModelsBottom Hangers

For pants, skirts, shorts, and other bottom garments.

150+ ModelsSet Hangers

Perfect to display both tops and bottoms together.

150+ ModelsOuterwear Hangers

Sturdy hangers specifically designed for coats, jackets, blazers, etc.

150+ ModelsMulti-pack Hangers

Designed to hold multiple garment sets simultaneously.

150+ ModelsUnderwear Hangers

For bras, panties, camisoles, and other intimate wear.

150+ ModelsHome Textile Hangers

Specifically designed to hold dhotis, sarees, and other ethnic wear.

150+ ModelsFootwear Hangers

Hangers for every kind of footwear—from shoes to sandals to crocs to flip flops—of all sizes.

150+ ModelsHooks

Perfect to display both tops and bottoms together.

150+ ModelsSizers

Sizers are essential for identifying the correct clothing sizes.

150+ ModelsBelt Hangers

Our belt hangers provide convenient and space-efficient solutions for different kinds of belts.

150+ ModelsCustom Logo Printing

For a lasting brand impression. Make inquiry for custom logo printing.

Why Navin Plastics?Our Difference: Variety

Being the producer of the largest collection of hangers in India, we’re a
go-to hanger maker even for the most unconventional and unique
clothing products. With 600+ molds for a wide range of hangers, we
proactively serve the evolving fashion industry.

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Recycled Materials

BULK ORDERSBulk orders come with
huge benefits.

Besides cost benefits and quality assurance, this
enables a long-term partnership.

E-COMMERCEPurchase hangers in
small batches.

25 to 200 pieces. Place orders directly on our website.
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