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Sustainable Hangers

Hangers that are Functional and Environmental-Friendly

Navin Hangers commits itself to the efforts of achieving a
sustainable fashion.
We offer cardboard hangers, wooden hangers, and compostable
hangers that are both functional environmental friendly.
Cardboard hangers are made from paper-based materials such as recycled cardboard and paperboard.
We make long-lasting wooden hangers for premium clothing products.

Our compostable hangers breaks down naturally in composting environments.

Wooden hangers: designed
for long-term use

Cardboard hangers:
lightweight & cost-effective

Compostable hangers: made
of bio-degradable materials

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Product Ranges

150+ ModelsCardboard Hangers

Made of paper-based materials like recycled cardboard or paperboard. Lightweight and cost-effective.

150+ ModelsWooden Hangers

Made from selective wood types. They’re strong, durable and are perfect for premium clothing.

150+ ModelsCompostable Hangers

Made from bio-degradable materials; Breaks down naturally in composting environments.

Why Navin Plastics?Our Difference: Variety

Being the producer of the largest collection of hangers in India, we’re a
go-to hanger maker even for the most unconventional and unique
clothing products. With 600+ molds for a wide range of hangers, we
proactively serve the evolving fashion industry.

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Recycled Materials

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