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Dryer Package Project

This is the Summits First Hydrocarbon Gas Dryer Package order in the stream of Debutanizer Overhead Gas.

Important Highlights and Learnings from this project:

This was our first time executing the Hydrocarbon Gas Dryer, which provided a valuable opportunity to gain a detailed understanding of the gas process aspect and engineering implementation.

The following points highlight the new executions in the history of Summits:

  • According to the project specifications, we selected Self-Reinforced (Lip type) nozzles for vessels that experience temperature cyclic loadings.
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment is applicable for the entire vessel, as required by the project, considering the cyclic loadings.
  • The project requirement led us to select AES type heat exchangers.
  • Tube sheets and all the Girth flanges of the heat exchanger are made of forged material, as specified by the project.
  • The Girth flanges of the heat exchanger are Weld Neck Raised Flanges, as per the project specification.
  • For the tube and tube sheets of the heat exchanger, we used Super Duplex Stainless Steel, meeting the minimum metallurgy requirement.
  • The top platform support for the adsorber vessel is considered to be from the vessel itself.
  • The legs of the adsorber vessel are supported by Lug Type Supports, as specified by the project.
  • Dual Level Transmitters are used whenever credible causes are possible, following the process scenario from the HAZOP Study.
  • In order to avoid blower damage and implement recommendations from the HAZOP study, we added an extra 3 tapping’s in the regeneration side orifice assembly flow element along with 3 additional transmitters. This ensures additional LT (low-low flow) 2oo3 combination for tripping the blower.
  • To remove maximum moisture from the separator, we included filter coalescer elements along with demister pads in the Knock Out Drum.
  • Fire Proofing nuts are installed at the legs of all vessels for performing fireproofing at the site.
  • All drainage lines of the process are connected to both CBD and OWS service lines, following the project philosophy.
  • Positive isolation is implemented for all applicable vessels, process side, and drain lines according to project specifications.
  • For all horizontal lines, instrument tapping’s are placed on the top side, based on the basic instrumentation philosophy.
  • We gained knowledge about the basic calculations and selection of Pressure Relief Valves.
  • To ensure free flow drainage, vent lines are sloped with 45° elbows reaching the top of the header lines.
  • Shoe type supports are used for insulating all pipe lines.
  • Side entry ladders are included for the entire package.
  • All the top platform considered as Grating type rather than Chequred plate as per the project requirement.

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