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Dew point meter

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Dew point meter

Series: SM

80°C to 20°C
Ambient to 10 bar(g)
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Measures the Actual Dew Point

Need of a Dew point meter

SM series dew point meter measures the dew point of compressed air accurately. It employs capacitive polymer sensor technology to accurately sense the moisture content and indicate the actual dew point of compressed air. It is widely used in both Refrigeration and Desiccant type compressed air dryers.

This robust dew point meter is featured with built-in sampling unit, ON/OFF switch and an alarm unit. User can set the limit for dew point to trigger the alarm. This dew point measuring instrument is portable and can also be used in fixed online measurement. User can measure both ADP and PDP up to 10 bar(g).


  1. Best suitable where compressed air quality is critical to process / product
  2. To save purge loss in desiccant air dryer using dew point dependent column switching

Features of sensor:

Measuring range: -80°C to 20°C

Extremely long-term stability

Analogue retransmission output 4 to 20 mA

Condensation insensitive

Quick response time

Capacitive polymer sensor

Features of Sampling unit:

Pressure gauge to set the pressure for both ADP and PDP measurement.

Flow meter to set the flow for consistent measurement.

Check valve to prevent atmospheric air entry.

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