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Heatless Air Dryers

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Heatless Air Dryers

series: Adzorb & Adzorb plus

Capacity : 40 cfm to 10,000 cfm
Working Pressure :  4.5 to 70 bar(g)
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Need of Compressed Air Dryer

Compressed air leaving the compressor contains considerable quantities of water vapour, oil  particles. If the untreated air is supplied to distribution lines, then the moisture would condense to liquid water as it gets cooled. The condensed water is a major cause of downtime in compressed air systems as it causes rust, pitting, blockages and freeze ups, which result in component failure and product rejection. The only way to prevent condensation of water in air lines is to lower the dew point of the air in the system. It is less expensive to own and operate an air dryer than to live with the problems.

Adzorb Heatless Air dryer Operation

Coalescing filters of 5 micron and 0.01 micron remove bulk moisture and liquid oil from the compressed air. This pre-treated air diffuses to the bottom of the adsorber (T1) and passes through the desiccant bed which adsorbs moisture and dries the air. Dry air leaves the adsorber (T1) and passes through 1 micron dust filter. Thus dry, filtered compressed air is available for precise operation.

The desiccant can adsorb only certain quantity of moisture and will reach equilibrium after certain time. It can no longer dries the air to the required dew point and hence it should be regenerated to keep the process continuous. To regenerate the first adsorber (T1), partial quantity of dry air coming out of second adsorber (T2) is diverted to first adsorber (T1). This dry air expands to atmospheric pressure and becomes subsaturated. This subsaturated dry air purges out all moisture from the first adsorber (T1) and makes it ready for next adsorption process. All these operations are perfectly performed by valves and controller.

Adzorb - Engineered the Best

Pleated filter media

Pleated Borosilicate depth filter media in all micron filters removes bulk moisture and oil completely and enhance the life of desiccant.

Purge Economizer

Purge Economizer offers potential savings during varying load conditions.

No air loss drain valve

Inbuilt no air loss drain valve at Pre & Oil filter helps to drain the contamination periodically and saves energy.

Moisture indicator

Inbuilt Moisture indicator helps to ascertain outlet air quality instantly in terms of moisture content.

Dewpoint meter

Ordering code: 006MI0031 R00 Online Dewpoint meter monitors outlet air quality 24/7.

Autovent System

Ordering code: O02KS0148 R00 Autovent system (AVS) prevents untreated air entries to the application.

Advanced PLC

Advanced PLC with numerous facilities, Controls, Maintenance alerts and compatible to industries required communication protocols,RS485 Modbus, BMS, IOT, Ethernet and Industry 4.0

Oil check apparatus

Ordering Code : 002KS0150 R00 Oil check apparatus helps to measure the oil content in the outlet air down to 0.1 to 0.2mg/m3.

D P Gauge

Ordering code: 002KS0149 R00 Differential pressure gauge in Micron filter guides us to replace elements at the right time.

Range of Adzorb -Heatless air dryers

Series: Adzorb

Capacity : 40CFM to 10,000 CFM

Series: Adzorb Plus

Capacity : 400 CFM to 15,000 CFM

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