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20 scfm to 15000 scfm

1 bar(g) to 400 bar(g)

Particulates: 5µ to 0.01µ

Total oil: 5mg/m3 to 0.003mg/m3

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ZeroTrace of Particle and Oil

Role of filter in compressed air system

The estimated amount of suspended dust in our atmosphere at any given point of time is approximately 26million tons. 80% of these particles are smaller than two microns in size. These solid, liquid and oil contaminants present in atmospheric air after compression pollutes the compressed air to a considerable degree. These contaminants added with further substances originating from the compressor, pipelines and receivers further affect the quality of air. This creates an abrasive mixture which causes damage to machineries, tools and the end product. Thus, filtering compressed air to the required purity is essential for any industrial process to maintain uninterrupted production & achieve improved productivity.

Puro series filters in combination with the necessary dryer treat the compressed air to meet the stringent requirement of today’s high productive critical industrial processes and the requirements stipulated in ISO 8573-1:2010.

DP Gauge:

Differential pressure gauge of range 0 to 500mbar alerts in advance to change the filter element.

Drain valve:

Zero air loss internal auto drain valve with closed cell foam float and sintered filter offer trouble- free operation. In addition to Zero air loss internal auto drain valve a manual override valve is provided to facilitate routine check-up and maintenance.

Pleated filter media:

Every 1 bar pressure drop increases 6% of compressor power.   Pleated technology implemented in micron filter element has 4 times more surface area compared to conventional filters and offers less pressure drop.

Consistent performance:

3D Sectorized diffuser divides & distributes inlet air longitudinally throughout its entire surface uniformly. This ensures effective utilization of element surface and offers extended life.

Coated and clean:

Absolute series filter is made of die cast aluminium alloy.  To enhance its corrosion resistance, it further undergoes Electrophoretic coating which provides high resistance against corrosion and also increases its wear resistance property.

Design Compressed air System (CAS) with Absolute series filters:

Contaminants present in compressed air can be grouped into 8 different categories which can be removed by combination of different purification techniques. Below table gives a brief idea about different type of contaminants and their purification techniques.

Details Contaminants
Particulates Water Oil
Purification Techniques Atmospheric dust, Rust, Pipe scales Micro-organisms Liquid water Water aerosols Water vapour Liquid oil Oil aerosols Oil vapour
Water Separator * *
Coalescing filter * * * *
Adsorption Filter *
Dryer *
Sterile Filter *

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