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Modular Heatless Air Dryer

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Modular Heatless Air Dryer

10cfm to 125cfm
4 bar(g) to 12 bar(g)
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Compact Series packed with more features

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    Pneuzorb – The modular heatless air dryer is constructed using corrosion resistant Aluminium alloy for longer life
    span and clean operation; specifically developed for Point of use application.
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    Moisture Indicator to ascertain outlet air quality
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    Purge Economizer offers Potential savings
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    Oil Check apparatus for air quality validation
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    Inbuilt with DDS-Dew point Dependent switching.

Premium at Every Stage

Uniform Distribution

Stainless steel Conical diffusers ensure uniform distribution of compressed air to desiccant bed and supports effective removal of moisture at every milli-meter travel of compressed air during the drying process.

Longer MTBM

Honed cylinder for piston movement; Double spring for piston retraction; U cup seal for Proportional sealing; PTFE guide ring prevents metallic contact and absorbs travers force. All the above extend MTBM (Mean time between maintenance).

Ultra - Filtration

Pleated Borosilicate depth filter media at Pre-filter removes Bulk moisture and Oil completely and enhances life of desiccant.

Moisture Indicator

Inbuilt Moisture indicator helps to ascertain outlet air quality instantly in terms of moisture content.

Oil check apparatus

Oil check apparatus (Optional) helps to measure the oil content in the outlet air down to 0.1 to 0.2mg/m3

Engineered the best

Every parameter affecting the reliability is carefully analyzed and culminated using simulation techniques.

Add On Savings

All Pneuzorb series air dryers are inbuilt with Purge economizer facility which helps us to save considerable energy during varying input load.

Extended Life

Filtered dry air for actuation of valves ensures longevity of valves operation.

Superior Grade Desiccant

Hygrosorb-35: Superior grade desiccant offers uniform particle size distribution to ensure consistent performance and efficient air flow through the packed bed with minimal pressure drop. High crushing strength and very low attrition loss extend life of desiccant.

Working Principle of Pneuzorb Air Dryer

First cycle:
Micron filter (1) removes bulk moisture and liquid oil from the Wet compressed air. Shuttle valve (3) diverts this pre-treated air to bottom of the Tower (T1). While compressed air passes through the Tower (T1), Premium grade desiccant filled in the tower adsorbs moisture and dries the air. Dry air leaves the Tower (T1) through Check valve (2). Thus Dry, filtered compressed air is available to the application.

While wet air is being dried in Tower (T1), Tower (T2) shall be regenerated. Portion of dry air coming out of Tower (T1) expands to atmospheric pressure through a small orifice (Inbuilt in Check valve) and become subsaturated. This subsaturated dry air purges out all moisture from the Tower (T2) makes it ready for Second cycle. Air flow is diverted to the Tower (T2) by valves and controller for second cycle. Second cycle is just a replica of first cycle with towers interchanged and thus the process continues.

Summits Pneuzorb air dryer is designed to achieve the pressure dew point -20°C and -40°C meeting the requirement of Class 3 and 2 as stipulated in the international standard ISO 8573-1:2010

ISO 8573-1:2010, Table 2 – Compressed air purity classes for Humidity


Class Pressure dewpoint, °C
0 As specified by the equipment user or supplier & more stringent than class 1.
1 ≤-70
2 ≤-40
3 ≤-20
4 ≤+3
5 ≤+7
6 ≤+10

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