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Refrigeration Air Dryers

Series: Elix

10 cfm to 15,000 cfm
1 bar(g) to 250 bar(g)
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Need of a Compressed Air Dryer

Compressed air leaving the compressor contains considerable quantities of water vapour, oil & particles. If the untreated air is supplied to distribution lines, then the moisture would condense to liquid water as it gets cooled. The condensed water is a major cause of downtime in compressed air systems as it causes rust, pitting, blockages and freeze ups, which result in component failure and product rejection. The only way to prevent condensation of water in air lines is to dry the compressed air thereby lowering the dew point of the air. One of the most economical method to dry the compressed air is by cooling it to the least possible temperature and separate the condensate. Elix Refrigeration air dryer does this job in the most efficient way.

Working principle of Refrigeration air dryer

When we cool compressed air, water vapour present in the compressed air is condensed to liquid water and can safely be separated.  Summits Elix series refrigeration air dryer works based on this principle.

Elix heat exchanger is composed of 3 sections namely Pre-cooler (Air to air heat exchanger), Evaporator (Air to refrigerant heat exchanger) & Moisture separator.

Wet compressed air (Red color) enters the pre-cooler section where heat transfer takes place between incoming wet compressed air and outgoing dry compressed air.  Wet air is pre-cooled by outgoing dry cool air.

At the evaporator section air is further cooled to the dew point of 3°C.  Water vapour is condensed and separated at moisture separator and drained via drain port.

Dry cool air (Green color) is passed back via precooler to pre-cool the incoming wet air.   Thus Dry air at normal temperature is available for its use.

Exclusive Features

Elix Heat exchanger with high-performance surface:

The uniqueness of Summits Elix dryers lies in the internal construction of its heat exchanger.   Selectively chosen fin type & optimally sized geometry breaks boundary layer and creates effective turbulence with lesser pressure drop.

Compared with conventional dryer Elix heat exchanger offers following additional benefits

Integrally fused fin eliminates contact Resistance between plates and fins leading to attaining the highest heat transfer co-efficient.

Offset fins, besides creating better turbulence for heat exchange, also act as an efficient preliminary moisture separator.

Inbuilt wire mesh demister provides countless impingement surfaces to coalesce the moisture particle and hence separates it effectively.

Excellence of Microchannel condenser:

Microchannel condensers feature an array of flat tubes with microchannels that increase the surface area available for heat exchange. This design allows for better heat transfer, leading to improved system performance and energy efficiency.

Efficient heat transfer: Metallurgical bond between tubes and fins eliminates contact resistance leading to 10% increased efficiency.

Power saving: Reduced fan power consumption & noise level due to 60% less airside pressure-drop.

30% reduced Refrigerant Charge.

Microchannel condenser

Less resistance to air flow:

Parallel arrangement of tubes offers less resistance to fan airflow which leads to selection of lesser rating fan and reduced power consumption.

More effective heat transfer area:

Flat tube construction avoids the wake region and increases effective heat transfer area.

PLC based control and protection

Open platform & fully customizable
Elix dryer comes with an advanced open platform
PLC with numerous features including total
system monitoring, preventive maintenance alerts
and compatible to industries required
communication protocol such as RS485 modbus,
BMS, IOT, Ethernet and Industry 4.0 etc.  Being an
open platform software, the PLC can be
programmed to meet your specific requirements.

Pacto Condensate drain valve

Zero air loss
Ample savings

Step cooling to uplift the part load efficiency

Modular Cooler configuration & Integrated control

Flow characteristics play a vital role in improving efficiency of Heat transfer. At part load, the flow characteristics change drastically reducing the efficiency of Heat exchanger.

Elixplus Modular Cooler configuration & Integrated control make use of Step cooling technology which effectively control the flow inside the cooler and keep the efficiency at higher level even at part load condition.

Electronic Load tracking & Control

Instantaneous response to abrupt change in load
Elixplus Refrigeration air dryer keeps the Pressure
dewpoint nearly constant even in wide operating
range with quantum jump load variation with the
help of electronically controlled capacity
regulating valve (in selected model).
Suction and discharge pressure transmitters
ensure precise monitoring and control of process

Series: Elix and Elixplus
Refrigeration air dryers
Capacity: 10cfm to 15000cfm
Pressure: 1 bar(g) to 16 bar(g)

Series: Elix VFD
Variable frequency drive refrigeration air dryers
Capacity: 400cfm to 15000cfm
Pressure: 1 bar(g) to 16 bar(g)

Series: Elix ECO
Refrigeration air dryers with
R513A Eco-friendly refrigerant
Capacity: 10cfm to 15000cfm
Pressure: 1 bar(g) to 16 bar(g)

Series: Elix HP
High pressure refrigeration air dryers
Capacity: 10cfm to 600cfm
Pressure: 17 bar(g) to 250 bar(g)

Schematic Diagram of Elix Refrigeration Air Dryer

1. Refrigerant compressor
2. Discharge temp. sensor
3. Condenser
4. Controller
5. Condenser cooling fan
6. Liquid receiver*
7. High pressure switch*
8. Fan pressure switch
9. Filter dryer
10. Liquid line sight glass*
11. Capillary
12. Dew point sensor
13. Auto drain valve
14. Moisture separator
15. Refrigerant to air heat exchanger
16. Air to air heat exchanger
17. Hot gas bypass valve
18. Accumulator*
19. Low pressure switch*

Schematic diagram of Elixplus Refrigeration air dryer

1. Refrigerant compressor
2. Condenser
3. Condenser cooling fan
4. Liquid receiver
5. High pressure switch
6. Fan pressure switch
7. Filter dryer
8. Liquid line sight glass
9. Solenoid valve
10. Capillary
11. Dew point sensor
12. Zero air loss drain valve
13. Moisture separator
14. Refrigerant to air heat exchanger
15. Air to air heat exchanger
16. Hot gas bypass valve
17. Accumulator
18. Pressure transmitter
19. Elixplus Controller

Summits Refrigeration air dryer is designed to achieve the pressure dew point + 3°C and to meet the requirement of Class 4 as stipulated in the international standard ISO 8573-1:2010

ISO 8573-1:2010, Table 2 – Compressed air purity classes for Humidity

Class Pressure dewpoint,
0 As specified by the equipment user or supplier & more stringent than class 1.
1 ≤-70
2 ≤-40
3 ≤-20
4 ≤+3
5 ≤+70
6 ≤+10

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