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Vacuum Filters

1″ (6scfm) to 3″ (137scfm)
Rated vacuum: 475mm Hg
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Precisely manufactured in meeting Medical Grade Standard

MODELS: SF 001 DV to SF 030 DV

In hospitals, Vacuum system is used in surgery and other medical function to provide suction. By this suction, doctors clear the airway of blood, saliva, vomit, or other secretions. These secretions are considered biohazard since it may contain bacterial contaminants and should be separated methodically to ensure safe exhaust of air to atmosphere. A Vaccum filter installed at the suction side of vacuum pump will separate these bacterial contaminants and ensures the safety of healthcare facility.

Meets International Standards

  • Certified
    ISO 13485:2016
  • Certified
    ISO 14001 & 45001
  • Certified
    ASME U/U2

Standards for health care service

ISO 7396, HTM 02-01 & NFPA 99 are the globally recognized standard for assuring high quality health services where it matters most.

Features & Benefits

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    Summits Medical Vacuum Filter meets the requirements of global medical gas pipeline
    systems standards such as ISO 7396-1, HTM 02-01, NFPA 99 and AS 2896.
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    High Efficiency Medical Grade Pleated Filter Element offers higher dust holding capacity and
    lowest pressure drop throughout its service life, resulting in much higher active vacuum at
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    Housing is made of Anodized Aluminum alloy. Outer surface is coated with Epoxy based
    paint/powder, thus is protected from corrosion, extends the service life up to 10 years.
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    Pressure differential indicator offers Real time monitoring of the condition of filter element.
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    Double Isolation valve assures Zero leakage of hazardous materials during maintenance.
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    250ml glass bottle is provided as contaminant collector, Holds large volume of liquid
    contaminants, thus facilitates surgeon in critical operation for a longer duration.

Premium at every Stage

Pleated Technology Multi- fold Non-Woven Filter Media offers Low differential pressure and High dirt holding capacity.

Caring environment even during Maintenance Easily removable sterilisable drain flask with double isolation valves

Differential Pressure Indicator Offers Real time monitoring of condition of filter elements

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