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Zero Air Loss Drain Valves

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Zero Air Loss Drain Valves

series: PACTO & PACTO plus

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Cost of Compressed Air

Being most clean, safe and versatile form of energy source, Compressed air plays a prominent role in every energy utility segment accounting for around 10% of electrical energy. This results in CO2 emissions of 3,100 kt/year. We are morally obliged to use compressed air energy wisely, Pacto supports us in reducing operational cost significantly.

Pacto - Zero loss drain valve Key Feature

Stainless steel float switch:

Highly reliable. Reed switch housing is made of Stainless
steel for smooth and nonstick operation.


E-Coated die cast Aluminum offers excellent corrosion
protection against harsh environment.


Large surface area Strainer extends maintenance interval.

Magnetic test switch:

Magnetically energized test switch offers reliable test function
even in highly humid environment

2 mode of operation:

Zero loss mode
Timer mode

Pacto Zero loss drain valve - Operating

Condensate starts filling inside the drain valve. Air locked inside the drain valve is released through Breathe-out port. As the condensate level raises up, the Magnetic float (1) moves up and triggers the reed switch.Controller (2) receives the signal from reed switch and energize the Solenoid valve (3) for a short duration. Thus, collected condensate is drained out. Solid particles are retained over the surface of Strainer (4).

Smart shift technology

The Pacto shifts its operating mode from Level sensing to Timer mode when the collected dirt is not removed from the system during periodic maintenance, thus ensuring safe operation even at extreme condition. Eventually the system comes back to level sensing drain mode once the dirt is removed. As an additional safety, a Magnetic test switch is provided to verify the drain function at any time.

Range of Zero Loss Drain Valve

Series: Pacto Zero Air Loss Drain Valve

Series: Pacto Plus Zero Air Loss Drain Valve – Smart Series

Series: Hygrobot Zero Air Loss Drain Valve – Heavily contaminated condensate removal

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